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Management Board

Management Board - Management Board

The organization is governed by a Management Board that is responsible for directing and overseeing of the overall operations of the organization including strategic direction, programs and finances. The Board is made up of members of diverse professional backgrounds, skills and experiences. The secretariat headed by the Executive Director is mandated to conceptualize, design and implement projects with the support of the Board.


Board Members
Dr. Nyamoh H--- Chairman
Kung'u Kibiro --  Vice Chairman
Millicent Lusabe -- Treasurer.
Mary Mwaiboro - Secretary
Bettty Moraa---Vice Secretary
John Jenkins-- Member
Ann Ngare - Member
Marritta  M  --     Member
Pastor Mulatya- Member

Message from the Chairman

NGOs are now to be found in every conceivable sector of the economy and every corner of this country targeting the poor of the poorest. The Government in its current Economic Recovery Strategy for Employment and Wealth Creation appreciated the critical role played by the NGOs as an important ingredient to the achievement of the set target of a sustained economic growth rate of between 6% and 7% per annum.

The vision of HANDS is to promote the provision of services in the most equitable and transparent way while being accountable to both the donors and societies we are serving. There is therefore a need for all the actors to imperatively share responsibilities towards the attainment of a sustained community with resources that are viable for the development strategies.

It is important to note that our strategic plan is linked to other national initiatives and very consistent with the Kenya National Development plan Vision 2030. HANDS will tirelessly be in the forefront in the promotion of a sustainable, responsible and accountable community through their involvement and participation in all development agenda.

In summary, it is necessary to point out that the war against poverty can only be won if there is effective, efficient and sustainable partnership. The NGO recognizes that resources cannot come from a single source. HANDS will work with development partners, the government, the civil society, private sector and the community in order to achieve the stated objectives. We have to deploy all our energy and resources to the priority areas and strategies in the war against poverty.

I finally urge all the relevant stakeholders; donors, government, community and other development practioners to seek opportunities of partnership with HANDS for the benefit of the community.

H. Nyamoh,
Health and Nutrition Development Support Organization (HANDS)
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